Better Way to Fix Your Credit Than Using Credit Law Firms

I may get sued for writing this, but it is my view that credit repair law firms cost too much money and do nothing to repair your credit fast.

Since they bill monthly, the longer they take to fix your credit, the more money they make. In actuality, some credit law firms tell you that it might take a year, two years, or even 3 years ($567 to $2,000), which explains why they’re getting very wealthy. Why pay $2,000 or even $500, when there are exceptional credit repair programs available for under $100?

Problem #2: You Do the majority of the Function Here’s a dirty little secret that charge law companies do not want you to understand: you still need to do a lot of the work yourself–more work, in reality, than when you use credit repair software (more about that later). Along with all the paperwork you need to complete and receive notarized, you must ask your credit reports. Since the credit reporting agencies mail all documents to you, you’ll be constantly copying them, placing them into another envelope, and sending them into the law firm. You may need to do this five or six times weekly. The credit repair law firm will then scan your credit reports and place them online (security difficulties?) Then, believe it or not, despite all the money you are paying to the law firm, you still need to visit their site and choose for yourself which items you need to dispute and even how to battle each negative credit item. Each of the law firm does is print out form letters they send to the credit reporting agencies.

Problem #3: Crappy Guarantee All they need to do is remove 1 credit card query and they consider that they have done their job, so there is no money back even if 99 percent of your credit report remains negative after three decades and $2,000.

As you can see, these law firms are often nothing more than letter-printing factories which make more money the longer they require SN Nair Malaysia. Why pay so much money to get such small support? Especially because it’s possible to do the same goal with much less work in a fraction of the price tag.

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