Cool Lipo Laser – Assisted Liposuction Reveals Men’s 6-Pack Abs by Removing Fat, Tightening Skin

If a man has completed the work to find six-pack abs, his muscular definition will not show if it is hidden behind a layer of fat just under the skin — known clinically as subcutaneous fat. New Cool Lipo goes a step beyond conventional liposuction, utilizing laser technology to tighten the skin after excessive the fat is melted and removed.

In 2018, 341,144 surgical procedures were performed on American women and men.

If a patient has well-developed muscles, the point is to get as much of the fat off so there’s as little fat as possible between the epidermis and the toned musculature.

Laser-assisted liposuction, in combination with a surgical procedure called abdominal etching, helps bring out men’s six-pack abs.

How can abdominal etching work?

The surgeon then makes drawings on the patient’s skin to indicate the distances felt involving the muscles. During operation, the surgeon provides a little additional focus on melt the fat in those depressed areas.

Cool Lipo melts and suctions off the fat, then it gently heats the bottom of the skin to tighten the collagen-and show the muscle definition

Traditional liposuction melts and eliminates fat but can occasionally lead to sagging skin due to missing volume. Laser-assisted liposuction’s collagen-tightening effect helps prevent loose skin after liposuction surgery.

Laser-assisted liposuction also provides patients an easier recovery than traditional liposuction. There is less bruising and swelling following Cool Lipo, so there is less downtime. Patients spring back a bit faster after their operation.

Women also benefit from hip Lipo, although most women do not want quite as much abdominal muscle definition as guys. Women want some muscle definition, but they do not need to look masculine.

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