Lego Land and Sea Life – Get it All in One Fantastic California Summer Vacation

If you’re interested in a really fun and enjoyable holiday getaway, why not create your own holiday package; blending both Sea world and Legoland. And instead of remaining in San Diego, why don’t you stay just beyond town and avoid some of the traffic?

Just up the street on I-5 are quite a few really great communities. In the summertime, the California coastline is absolutely magnificent, and the weather in that area is most likely the very best in the world.

In the winter time when everybody in the rest of the country is freezing because of ice and snow storms while most the southern portion of California often has people walking around in shorts or at Levi’s and T-shirts or an occasional sweatshirt in the evenings. In the summer time there’s an onshore breeze with no blistering heat.

1 thing I have noticed is that with tourism down marginally in California, there are some wonderful deals being offered in the theme parks, parks, and hotels. Tourism in California means money and jobs, and everybody knows it.

How I see it is that since so many deals are being given, we travelers, and tourists get to select the best prices, and we’re back in the driver’s seat . Ahead of the economic, international crisis it was hard to book a hotel, get a timeshare vacation packages rental, or perhaps enter a theme park without enormous lines. All that’s changed, and although people are beginning to return, the crowds aren’t nearly what the used to be.

This means there are bargains being offered, which is time to take advantage of those to save the family a little additional money, and to find out what you’ve been missing. Indeed, I hope you have enjoyed some of my ideas on the travel industry, especially in Southern California. And I would like you to consider all of this.

Meanwhile, maybe you want to get online and check out all of the events that Sea World; the sea life is extraordinary. Moreover, you should review a few of the interesting sights and activities which Legoland. I bet you will be amazed, there are a variety of amazing YouTube Videos of the activities to search online and you will see why I suggest this trip to your next holiday.

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